Ergonomic desk chairs – the importance

Proper posture Ergonomic desk chairs provide a range of adjustments thus minimising bad posture. Non ergonomic desk chairs often encourage you to slump over your desk in a position leading to an incorrect posture. Height adjustment mechanisms ensure your feet sit completely flat on the floor Tilt mechanisms allow you to move the rear of

Home Office : Creating an ideal workspace

The possibilities offered by new technology have immersed themselves into the work place. More and more people work from home either full or part time combining work from home with the time they spend at the office. To ensure this new way of working is productive and above all comfortable, it is up to you to

How will a post-COVID office look?

Will this spell the end of the open office? Will COVID end useless meetings? Will some workers remain remote? We’re all wondering what a post-COVID office is going to look like. With isolation precautions being slowly lifted, many of us will be facing the question of whether business-as-usual is actually even possible. Here are some

How to focus when working from home

In order to work from home successfully, it’s important to set the right pace and environment for productivity. If you’re struggling to focus, worry not. Working from home is not business as usual but you can do it successfully if you set the scene right. Here are 3 steps to creating the right environment to

How to take care of your health when working from home due to COVID19

Working from home may feel more comfortable in the short term. Working from the comfort of your sofa may seem like a perk, but in just a few days it could cause debilitating pain to your fingers, wrists, neck, elbows or shoulders. If you’re going to work from home you need to make sure that

Reception Desks: Plan the perfect first impression

First impressions are difficult to change So you need to get your reception area right… Reception desks, lounge area, lighting… The way people feel when they enter your office The way they perceive your company will decide whether they hire you, whether they will join your team after the interview, whether they will refer you

Is a standing desk better for your health?

I’ve had conversations about standing desks many times with clients… “Does it really work?” they ask “Will standing at my desk actually make me healthier?” It’s quite humorous to see that people tend to stand up when they start talking about this I bet you feel compelled to stand up too (Or maybe not –

How your ergonomic office chair completes an ergonomic workstation. Options available in Malta.

An ergonomic workstation needs to keep in mind many aspects, the most important of which is probably your ergonomic office chair. Everything about your workstation should be adjustable, however, your chair is in constant contact with your body and deserves to be your top priority. If you get this one wrong, you might not feel

How to choose the correct ergonomic office chair

Before you buy an ergonomic office chair you need to know who benefits most. It is ideal to buy ergonomic chairs for the whole team, however, if you must cut costs you need to at least buy a number of ergonomic chairs that cater for people who require comfortable seating because of their ailments. Carpal

Acoustic office furniture in Malta

We absolutely love our acoustic office furniture because it can be used in any office environment. It also comes in interesting shapes and colours that make the office more fun. The sofa range includes linking walls which create interesting curved or angular private booths. The upholstered walls can have Screens and TV’s built-in for online

Desks with Electronically Adjustable Height

Although it’s not common to find such office furniture in Malta, desks with adjustable height are slowly becoming more common. We’ve all heard of the health benefits of using a stand-up desk but we are as yet to see spaces that use stand up desks exclusively. Doctors only suggest we use them 20% of the

Adjustable Office Furniture in Malta; treat your employees right.

Adjustable office furniture is becoming all the rage even in Malta, and if you thought the adjustments were hard to make. Listen up because you’re in for a surprise.  Adjustable desks are made to be used in standing position only 20% of the time. However, they are also ideal for people who are taller or

Good-looking Ergonomic Office Furniture in Malta

Although perhaps not as widespread as it should be in Malta, ergonomic office furniture in the workplace is very important for people’s health. Ergonomics is more than the way you sit on your chair, Its the interaction between the person and the ergonomic office furniture product being used. It’s the assurance that the product is appropriate for

Improve your health without changing your desk. Accessories for office furniture, now in Malta.

Sitting for too long has been correlated with many health concerns. Many of us are aware of this and would love to have sit-stand adjustable office furniture. But I bet you find it too expensive to change all the desks on your office floor?  Then this sit-stand monitor arm could be just what you need. Check

A comfortable ergonomic chair is the most important piece of office furniture.

Whether your office furniture is ergonomic across the whole office or not, you certainly cannot skimp on good chairs. A good chair will prevent so many ailments later that it is probably the best investment you can spend your money on in any office. The essential features of an ergonomic chair are actually pretty few. However, they are essential and

Core office furniture requirements. The ergonomic workstation.

Once you have the right ergonomic chair, the next step to complete your ergonomic workstation or ergonomic office furniture concept is the desk. You might think how can a desk be ergonomic? An ergonomic workstation requires an adjustable desk or a desk with an adjustable monitor arm. This will allow you to optimise your workstation

The Acoustic Sofa. Great if you have an plan set-up.

We all loved the open-plan set-up for office furniture in Malta, but somehow it is lately losing its lustre. Especially in tech companies, an open plan is a recipe for lack of focus and elongated project timelines. Especially if you do not have segregated meeting rooms (or maybe you do but they’re always full) you

Meeting Booths – A solution for open plan offices in Malta

When you run a call centre or similar noisy office environment, finding the right office furniture for your environment is key to keep stress levels reasonable. If you do not have space to use a whole seating layout with pretty acoustic sofas or your noise levels are too high for this, you can opt for

Single person booths – the noisy office, furniture solution

You may have seen one and thought… why do they need a quiet bubble in this office? Some offices may not be noisy all the time, but we know the Maltese are very chatty and can get noisy certain times of the day. This can make an open plan office less productive than it could

Partitioning your office furniture layout

When completing your office furniture layout, partitioning may offer a solution for executive offices or boardrooms. It’s also the perfect solution if your company is growing and your open plan is getting too noisy. They make a perfect office solution for adding small meeting rooms without making the place seem smaller. Our partitions are light

Leave an Impression with your Reception Area

Your reception area is the first thing people experience about your offices. Whether they’re visiting for an interview, to work with you on a project or to sell you something, you need to leave a good impression. The impression you leave will have a lasting effect on people and will also gauge the way they engage with you

Get Partitioning instead of changing your Office Furniture Layout

6 Reasons why you might need partitioning instead of a new office furniture layout. In Malta most of our offices are well lit naturally most of the year, so using portioning in glass can be a great way of making the most of this to save on electrical bills. Another great reason to use partition

Office Reception Area Chairs

Office reception areas can be a great opportunity to showcase your fun brand. Adding the right colours and dynamic can make you create the right expectations that will help you land the right employees and clients. We love planning reception areas with our clients and over the last 10 years, we have identified 3 things

How to find the right office furniture for your business type in Malta

When choosing your office furniture, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind. Knowing your office furniture suppliers in Malta is important, but that’s just the beginning. If you just buy any plain old furniture you come across, you will find that your furniture will need changing very fast. With a little bit of planning,

Office Furniture; what prices to expect in Malta

When buying office furniture in Malta prices are certainly worth discussing. Since Malta is an island, importers will have limited stock and every new order will carry extra freight costs.You may have noticed that most furniture will cost you less if purchased from abroad but whether you pay for freight or your supplier does, the end result

How ergonomic office furniture will boost your employer branding.

How to Choose your call centre 24 hour ergonomic chairs.

Call centres operate 24/7. Chairs are used by various people during a 24 hour period and employees often have long shifts and short breaks meaning the chair works harder than any other office chair around. Because of the long hours, call centres need to provide ergonomic workstations. An agent has a job that naturally exposes

Do Open Plan Offices Make employees Happier?

For many years open-plan offices were the go-to layout if success and growth were in your vision. However, over time the open plan has lost its lustre. What happened to the research backing open plan layout. An open plan office promised to improve employee collaboration, retention and cross-functional co-operation as well as boosting creativity and innovation.When

3 Top Reasons Why You need a monitor arm

When the adjustment of your Monitor is not right, you can feel it. You experience the discomfort but many find thinking of a solution difficult. A monitor doesn’t have too many settings, so how are you supposed to adjust it. There is a simple solution that comes in a range so large you’re bound to

Flexible Monitor Setup with our innovative Monitor Arms Range

See how you can use the stackable monitor arms. Stacking and flexible setup in action.Use for :- Multiple stacks from 2 to 6 Monitors – Apple or PC compatible – Vertical and/or Horizontal Setup If you want to know more call Chris on [+356] 2138 2601 email [email protected] Bech Desking Systems; make the most of

Deep Work. Why Office Acoustic solutions matter for productivity.

In his book ‘Deep Work’, Cal Newport describes strategies for focused success in a distracted world. In his book, he talks about how he surveyed thousands of employees that had been moved from the old-fashioned cubicle to an open plan set-up. He found that many people changed their behaviour due to feeling watched and this

Electronically adjustable desks, why they’re better for your health

Do we really need electronically adjustable desks? …The human body went through thousands of years of evolution to become the magnificent machine it is today. Its true function is survival. Fast response and stamina under the most demanding conditions. Our body is not built for sitting. Its built for running, jumping and moving around. This

4 Ergonomic Swivel Chairs that are Guaranteed to Improve your work life!

We’re kicking off with the big boy of all swivel chairs. Seriously body aware and ergonomic, it is suitable for big tall and heavy people. Highly resistant to strain and as comfortable as the bucket seat in a Porsche, it is the best option for people of a certain stature. Yet in spite of its good sleek looks, it

Office Furniture Malta

Gone are the days when office furniture in Malta was the most boring corner in the furniture store. Companies have complex HR requirements these days and they, therefore, take the work environment very seriously. In order to attract the best talent, employers today need to make their work environment not only attractive but also conducive

Aesthetics and Ergonomic furniture for a healthier office

If you want your staff to be efficient and productive then you want them to be healthy and happy. Great work environments that are conducive to this often include ergonomic office desks and chairs. A HAPPIER WORKFORCE WITH ERGONOMIC OFFICE DESKS AND CHAIRS A healthy lifestyle cannot be limited to what you eat and how

How to choose the best Executive Chairs you can buy in Malta

It’s a small island, we know, and buying high-end Executive Office Chairs in Malta can be tough. Especially if you’re looking for the obligatory 3 quotes. Here’s a simple 3 step guide to finding the best executive office chair for your CEO or Manager. 1. EXECUTIVE OFFICE CHAIR MATERIALS Make sure you source your chair