How will a post-COVID office look?

Will this spell the end of the open office?
Will COVID end useless meetings?
Will some workers remain remote?

We’re all wondering what a post-COVID office is going to look like.
With isolation precautions being slowly lifted, many of us will be facing the question of whether business-as-usual is actually even possible.

Here are some things that will definitely change and ideas to help you adapt.

Returning to the office
Most business owners will not want their employees to stay remote. This means that we have to face going to the office with the worry of COVID on our minds.

This is very likely to result in open offices becoming really unpopular. People are going to look back on the old-fashioned cubicle with nostalgia.

But there are ways of making an office safer which hopefully will not require putting up walls and partitions all over the office floor.

Desk screens are a great way of giving privacy and also protecting personal space without closing off the whole area. Purchased in the right colour, they can actually make your office look smarter. These screens are also built for soundproofing so you will find that your office sounds are muted and people find it easier to flow into deep focus.

Social Distancing rules will still need to be observed.

You will need to move desks around to make sure that people are as spread out as possible. Potentially buy smaller desks to make the most of your office space and maximise distance.

Another important point is that ventilation is going to become more important. Office blocks that have no windows will need to think about efficient ways to allow fresh air into the office space to rotate air instead just filtering it.

All these precautions will make sure that the office remains open. These precautions are very important because if COVID hits your office you can be shut down for quarantine.

For those of us who are parents, with schools still closed, can foresee working from home or in shifts for some time yet.
It would be a good idea to invest in a good chair that allows you to avoid aches and pains when working from home.

Here are some chairs that will blend in with your sitting or dining room but also give you an ergonomic comfy place to work from.

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