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Victrola Bluetooth Wood Speaker Stand with Dual USB Ports

The Victrola Bluetooth Wood Speaker Stand adds modern technology to your home or office décor! Stream your music wirelessly for up to 10 hours. Control the volume directly from the speaker stand, your connected phone or your connected smart watch. The speaker stand has you covered even when receiving or making calls while streaming music. You decide whether to have the call through the speaker stand or on the phone. If you have a device that does not have bluetooth, this device has you covered as you connect to it via the AUX jack.

This device offers a number of advantages over most central;y controlled systems. Centrally controlled systems only allow music to be selected by a particular individual or the company while this device allows the users to play their preferred music. It allows users to charge their devices without having to search for power points. All you need is to decide where to place the Speaker Stand, in an individual’s office, in an open plan office space, next to a reception area.

The portability of the Victrola Speaker Stand makes it even convenient for home use or a home office.

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