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The ALAIA range of operator chairs, designed by Iratzoki & Lizaso, features a pleasing, softly rounded shape that evokes simplicity, comfort, friendliness and well-being. ALAIA addresses the need for workspaces that echo the comfort and well-being of home and promote a creative, collaborative spirit.

The range offers a choice of upholstered or mesh back, 3 different mechanisms and 2 types of the armrest. And the price is gentler too!

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The collection is available in upholstered or mesh backs with different mechanisms and accessories, thus adapting to multiple workstations at tightly controlled prices.”

WEBTM mesh boasts the Bronze Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM label and meets some of the strictest standards in terms of life cycle durability, environmental protection, health and safety.

WEBTM mesh by Danish manufacturer GABRIEL is used for Alaia. WEBTM is a sturdy blend of style, comfort and durability, with a see-through effect that gives the design a particularly light and airy feel. The variable thread thickness produces a silky soft, textured finish delivering increased levels of comfort, while the colour palette is all about soft, natural, restful shades.





Directa is a high-end executive ergonomic computer chair made from the finest materials to match your executive desk and decor. It comes in a number of finishes and materials.

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The backrest of this executive swivel chair can come upholstered in your choice of leather or material, or even in different types of wood for a very high-end look. We offer a large range of finishing, that will fit your interior design and personal taste of your CEO or manager.

The chair is highly adjustable to fit your ergonomic requirements. This ergonomic chair is suitable for spending long hours at the office because it provides a large range that helps you find the right support for any body type. It can also come with a pretty large seat to accommodate people of large stature.

We can also help you find the best overall look for your office through our free consultation services. We are able to meet your architect or interior designer to help bring their projects to life. Our chairs can be accompanied by a large range of matching office decor solutions.

The Directa chair-range is durable in its details as well as its materials and finishes. It is guaranteed to give many years of seating comfort. It is the ideal choice for your CEO and top managers or for your conference or boardroom

The Directa Range is the essence of innovative forms, amazing good looks, high-quality materials and attentive production to create a chair with highly-detailed ergonomics and good looks. A focus on detail and well-matched finishes are the cherry on the cake alongside top quality chair craftsmanship.


The Directa range offers this highly-ergonomic executive swivel chair in finishes ranging from Beech, Walnut, and Ebony in coordinated colours such as cream, grey, browns, and black. You can also choose armrests and foot finishing in aluminum, chrome, black polyurethane or upholstered. Every detail comes in a number of options to delight even the most demanding executives.

See the full range of Directa Chairs in the brochure below.





A modern office chair which meets high demands on functionality and design. The chair is equipped with self-adjusting mechanism SELF to provide so-called dynamic sitting. Choice of meshed or fully-upholstered backrest consists of a light-weight plastic frame with a central bracket with the advantage of height-adjustment within the range of up to 7 cm. In the FLEXi collection, it is possible to choose from various types of upholstery, mechanisms and accessories for comfortable sitting.

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The FLEXi collection stands out for its functionality, perfect ergonomics and great design. Its wide range of features allows maximum customization for each user. Thanks to its innovative mechanism and intuitive operation, each feature’s setting simplifies work and provides maximum seating comfort. The collection includes both white and black plastics and both versions can be purchased with upholstered or mesh backrest. In addition, the conference chairs offer a wide range of bases that adapt to any work environment. The FLEXi was designed by Italian designer Massimo Costaglia and for its exceptionally successful design, it won the “Furniture of the Year” award in 2014.

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Self-adjusting mechanism SELF. Suitable for working environments with more users for one chair. The counter-pressure is set according to the weight of seated person within the range of 45 – 110 kg, with the option of 3 lock-in positions. The counter-pressure may be raised by a simple lever turning according to individual needs. It is also possible to increase counter-pressure for people with higher body weight by changing the spring setting in production facility or by service officer.


Seat is filled with PUR foam thickness of 5 cm, bulk weight of 70 kg/m³, coated with fabric or leather. The front edge of the seat is sufficiently rounded to prevent undesired pressure on the bottom of the thighs of the seated person, ergonomic shape for correct and comfortable sitting posture. The seat depth is adjustable within the range of 60 mm. Plastic components are made of polyamide.

Height-adjustable seat within the range of 400 – 520 mm.


Backrest is made as a plastic frame with a central bracket in which, there is a plastic panel upholstered with PUR foam thickness of 2 cm, bulk weight of 55 kg/m³ and coated with fabric or leather. Backrest is height-adjustable (Easy-touch system) within the range of 60mm.

Plastic components are made of polyamide.


  • Cast aluminium base, polished or painted to RAL 9006
  • Adjustable lumbar support in the lower back area (3 cm)
  • Headrest
  • Coat hanger
  • Gas unit with suspension
  • Gas unit for seat height 450 – 570 mm
  • Black soft castors Ø 60 mm, braked – depending on the load for hard floor surface (as per DIN EN 12529)


This product complies with European dimension and safety standards as per EN 1335. All materials may be easily separated for waste separation and recycling.

The chair meets the requirements for easy use, maintenance, and service.




Goal is our top-of-the-range ergonomic swivel chair. The Goal range also comes in a variety of shapes and colours. The Goal range also offers conference chairs to match. Always high quality – always comfortable – plenty ergonomic.

This swivel chair is created to help you stay healthy even when you work long hours. It is adjustable at the most crucial points and can be set to prevent aches and pains that come with office-dwelling.


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The unique way the chair moves is evident in the design. The two pivotal Trimension® points are located near to your hips. The die-cast aluminium swivel arms transmit the force with the elegant sweep of the backrest directly to the spring at the front. Combined with matching covers, the coloured frames have a very athletic appeal.

It’s all in the details…

Counter pressure.

This is adjusted by turning the knob attached to the flexibly mounted central spring. This method automatically ensures that not too much pressure is put on the swivel arms when making the adjustments. Trimension® is designed for people weighing from 45 to 140 kilos.

2D armrests.

The armrests, positioned at the back of the swivel arms, are made of glass fibre-reinforced, black-grey, through-dyed polyamide. The armrest pads come optionally in polypropylene or softer polyurethane. Their height is adjustable by 100 mm in ten positions at the touch of a button.

3D armrests.

By pushing them forwards and pulling them backwards, the depth of the armrest pads (available in both versions) can be adjusted by 50 mm in depth and pivoted in each case by 30° inwards or outwards.

Additional lumbar support.

The optional lumbar support can be adjusted by 60 mm and acts like a height-adjustable backrest. It can be retrofitted at any time and consists of elastic, high-tech plastic which always returns to its original shape. The standard lumbar support is recognisable from the front and the back in the integrated form-fit knit.





NORTH CAPE Executive chair very versatile, and can be adapted for use in conference rooms, boardrooms, and even workstation areas.

  • Chairs’ backrest and seat is upholstered with fabric, leather look or genuine leather;
  • Knee – tilt mechanism, lockable in 4 positions;
  • Available poliamyde (black colour, soft PU top) or upholstered armrests;
  • Polished aluminium or plastic base with fiberglass;
  • Casters for soft or hard floors (ø 65 mm).

Please download the brochure here


The Nuez chair, designed by Patricia Arquiola is designed to hold you and hug you. It is both soft and technological-looking. Providing comfort and edgy design is what it was created for. It uses the latest materials to create a very special chair that can turn any traditional office into a modern one, just by changing to these chairs.

Changing a few or (why not) all of your chairs to Nuez will give your office that je ne sais quoi. This chair is a statement by itself and looks amazing when you line up a few of these together. Available in a range of styles and colours, it can complement any office. Choose wood for classic offices and metal legs for a more minimal one.

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ON’s healthy and comfortable seating concept is based on the innovative interaction of three components: innovative mechanics with separately flexible swing plates, the three-dimensional Flexframe® consisting of a flexible, understated and upholstered seat shell and an elastic back frame, as well as the Fiberflex backrest cover.

Product brochure for this swivel chair is available here to download


The Black Dot comes in a super-classic design that blends in with modern offices.

The new black dot air. Is exactly as its name says. Light as air. Its aluminium frame makes it super light and super durable at the same time.

With its impressive evergreen comfort, the black dot hugs your body into ergonomic comfort. It has been the pride of the Sedus family for a long time.

The new and improved black dot air fits seamlessly into any office. The strikingly different yet classic design makes it easy to match to your workstation favourites.

It boasts a light AirKnit upholstery that comes in a rainbow of uncommon colours. It is highly ergonomic and its flexible
backrest suspension supports the back even when turning or moving sideways. An important factor in ergonomics that only the best chairs provide.

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One of the best-selling ergonomic swivel chairs in Malta, the Support SY swivel chair with fully adjustable armrests, back, height and angles, ideal for people who require reliable lumbar support. There is a choice of upholstery colours.

It is also one of our most affordable chairs at around 150 euros (may fluctuate due to currency exchange rates – supplied locally in Malta from stock).


  • Seat height 42 – 55cm
  • Seat width 45cm
  • Seat depth 45cm
  • Backrest height 57cm
  • Max user size 192cm
  • Max user weight 110kg
  • Max using time per day 8 hours

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The Topstar New Aluart 20 Executive chair is a designer executive chair in an aluminium optic with a synchro-mechanism and an elaborate leather upholstery in a classic design.


A80, A82


  • Seat height 42 – 52 cm
  • Seat width 48 cm
  • Seat depth 48 – 55 cm
  • Backrest height 63 cm
  • Headrest height 20 cm
  • Total height 105 – 115 cm

Swatch file reference is available here to download


The Big Star Workstation Operative chair with headrest and adjustable arms, gas strut base is ideal for 24-hour call centres that require a sturdy long-lasting chair. It is very comfortable and adjustable for people of any height and weight.


A80, W50-W59


  • Seat height 44 – 52 cm
  • Seat width 54 cm
  • Seat depth 46 cm
  • Backrest height 80 cm
  • Headrest height 20 – 25 cm
  • Total height 124 – 140 cm

Swatch file reference is available here to download