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The CAMPUS chair is a multi purpose chair. It comes either upholstered, in wood, or left in it’s original state with polypropylene seat and back. The frame comes in black, aluminium or chrome. The chair is stackable, and can be configured on a beam for reception purposes. It also has tablets for classroom use.

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The Big Star Workstation Operative chair with headrest and adjustable arms, gas strut base is ideal for 24-hour call centres that require a sturdy long-lasting chair. It is very comfortable and adjustable for people of any height and weight.


A80, W50-W59


  • Seat height 44 – 52 cm
  • Seat width 54 cm
  • Seat depth 46 cm
  • Backrest height 80 cm
  • Headrest height 20 – 25 cm
  • Total height 124 – 140 cm

Swatch file reference is available here to download


The NAP Bean Bag is a large bean bag you can actually sleep on. It come in a variety of fabrics, and can even be used as an extra seat according to the environment created.

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The NOOM range comes in many shapes, textures and sizes, thanks to an extensive range of designs, upholstery, leather and stitching. This range is built for comfort and places focus on ergonomic details to create a chair that is beautiful and kind to your body.

NOOM chairs are ideal for comfortable reading corners, waiting rooms, restaurants, cafe’s and also informal areas in your offices. Some even love to use them to aff a special informal touch to a conference room, that feels like a less formal space.