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Brand: Interstuhl

EVERYis1 Chair

EVERYis1, an uncomplicated office swivel chair, is just right for the office of the future, in which jobs are increasingly mobile, adaptable and modular. EVERYis1 embodies a new simplicity of sitting – intuitive and innovative. Nevertheless, in terms of design, ergonomics, workmanship and ecological standards, it stands for good seating without any compromises.

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How many levers does a human need? EVERYis1 adapts to the user without demanding customisation. EVERYis1 is simple in the best sense. The tension of the backrest adjusts automatically to different body weights, thanks to its newly developed autolift synchronous mechanism. Hence, sitting is weightless.

This is all done easily – without any effort – but with the option to limit the backrest tilt to three positions. Therefore, EVERYis1 is equipped with a minimum number of levers and buttons. It assures that the user is not overwhelmed. It also ensures that the excellent ergonomic and comfort features of EVERYis1 are actually being used.

Form follows body: This idea is underlying for the design concept of EVERYis1 in many different ways. Whether as a mesh back version, or the Chillback chair, the shape of the back follows the body contours of the user. The overall design meets ergonomic needs while offering ease of use.

EVERYis1 is perfectly suitable for people that work individually, in groups, or in open office and communication situations. Whether institutional, informal or individually: EVERYis1 creates a comfortable base. This also makes it a future-facing seating solution.

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Noteworthy Features:

Height adjustable lumbar support

The optional variable lumbar support strengthens the back where support is most needed.

2D or 4D armrests

The optional adjustable armrests are comfortable and relieve the arms and shoulders from tension.

Particularly large opening angle

The recline option of the backrest, with autolift system, ensures comfort and relaxation.

High-quality mechanism with auto lift system

The restoring force of the synchronous movement with fine adjustment of the backrest counterpressure adapts itself to the body weight automatically.

Synchronous mechanism with body weight adjustment

The restoring force of the synchronous movement can be adapted to the body weight accordingly in seven single steps.

Seat inclination adjustment

With the seat inclination adjustment the angle of the seat can be adapted fast and simply to the working position. The lowering of the seat in the front area is especially ergonomic.

Seat depth adjustment

For great thigh support


Product brochure is available here to download