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Sound-Proof Sound Booths for Offices

Acoustic sound booths have become a staple in call centers where quiet time is seen as a requirement during breaks. It is also a welcome fixture in open plan offices, providing private space for colleagues to conduct confidential meetings and phonecalls.

At BSL we offer a large range of such acoustic solutions for all your office requirements. Whether you want to equip a 24-hour call centre or make an open-plan office quieter, we have many solutions to help you create the perfect silent space. Including a combination of different solutions can make your space more dynamic and interesting.

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The booths are sound-proofed from the outside and the inside. They provide your employees with a space where they can contact clients by telephone privately at a time when the office is busy. In 24-hour call centres, these booths are the go-to place for a quiet break away from the noisy call-center floor. In call centres, these booths can help with stress-reduction and a place to make a private call.

The two-person booths are also great for quick meetings in a noisy open plan or call-centre. The range of silent booths comes in many sizes, shapes and colours. We can make them to various specifications to fit your brand and your space.

We provide a myriad of products coupled with many year's experiences to help you plan the right sound controlled set-up. We will work with your architect to help you make sure you get perfect sound control with the trendy look and feel your architect has designed. Our products come in a large range of colours and finishes. High quality and long-life are guaranteed. This service is complimentary when buying our furniture.

Here are some other sound control solutions we offer...

1. Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels
2. Acoustic wall paneling and movable floor and desk panels
3. Acoustic Sofas and Armchairs
4. Acoustic isolation Booths 

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