Noom Lounge Chair – friendly, elegant and differentiated

The NOOM range comes in many shapes, textures and sizes, thanks to an extensive range of designs, upholstery, leather and stitching. This range is built for comfort and places focus on ergonomic details to create a chair that is beautiful and kind to your body.

NOOM chairs are ideal for comfortable reading corners, waiting rooms, restaurants, cafe’s and also informal areas in your offices. Some even love to use them to add a special informal touch to a conference room, that feels like a less formal space.

DESIGN – differentiated

Noom has been created to humanize spaces, with a friendly, elegant and differentiated design. It is designed to promote communication and transmit well-being, indispensable in everyday life. Noom fits into very different environments and moments, thanks to its high customisation capacity.


Noom’s innovative shape, which incorporates integrated armrests and interconnected seat and backrest, manages to accommodate the body comfortably for long periods of time. They are functional and provide design to meeting rooms, meeting points, waiting areas and gastronomic spaces, among other environments.

RANGE – extensive

There are many sides to Noom, thanks to an extensive range of structures, upholstery, leather and seams that provides comfort and an ergonomic sitting positions for different tasks and spaces. It even enables creating a comfortable reading corner with high-backrest chairs.


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