Victory chair collection

The new Victory chair collection will brighten up every office. The Victory was designed by world-renowned designer Massimo Costaglia, and it has become one of the many triumphs of Italian design. The design of the chair is in black and white plastics which is simply combined with any material or colour, and it also has a fresh and modern look. The elegant curves and slim lines make this comfortable and functional chair a great complement to an entire space. The collection also includes office and conference chairs that together offer three heights of the backrest to ensure high versatility. The Victory best stands out in modern offices or meeting rooms designed with current trends in mind.

Mechanism – ST1 – Synchronous mechanism with side adjustment

Mechanism provides maximum comfort and ergonomics thanks to smooth run and optimum adaptation to any user.  The seat and the backrest follow movements of the seated person, synchronously and at the correct angle, with the option of 5 lock-in positions. Quick and smooth adjustment of counter-pressure with a lever may be set within the range of approx. 45 – 120 kg of body weight.


Seat is filled with PUR foam thickness of 5 cm, bulk weight of 70 kg/m³, coated with fabric or leather. The front edge of the seat is sufficiently rounded to prevent undesired pressure on the bottom of the thighs of the seated person, ergonomic shape for correct and comfortable sitting posture. The seat depth is adjustable within the range of 60 mm. Plastic components are made of polyamide.

Height-adjustable seat within the range of 420 – 540 mm.


A plastic frame coated with mesh to guarantee sufficient air circulation. Mesh firmness, together with sufficient frame width and height-adjustable backrest, provides comfortable support of the back. No deformation of the mesh or undesired pressure from the frame occurs.  Plastic components are made of polyamide.


Seat options – to be selected from fabric or leather collection.

Backrest options :

  • mesh K+R 482 black, material 100% Polyester.
  • mesh K+R, colours – to be selected from the collection, material 97%    Polyester, 2% Polyamide,1% Spandex.
  • self – supporting breathable OMEGA mesh, colours – to be selected from the    collection.
  • mesh RIB, colours – to be selected from the collection, 34% polyester, 58% polyamide, 8% polyacrylate.


  • 082 – all plastic T- shaped armrests, made of polyamide, height-adjustable within the range of 8 cm. The top of the armrests is covered with softened PU.
  • 083 – multifunctional T-shaped armrest either all plastic or with polished aluminium holder. Height-adjustable within the range of 8 cm, and with the pressing of side button width-adjustable within the range of 3 cm and of 5 cm forward. The top of the armrests is covered with softened PU.
  • 084 – multifunctional T-shaped armrest, all plastic. Height-adjustable within the range of 8 cm, , armrest angle-adjustable within the range of 30°, and with a simple movement (eccentric) width-adjustable within the range of 45 – 53 cm to increase the seating area. The top of armrests is covered with softened PU.


  • White plastic components – backrest, seat.
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support in back area (8 cm).
  • XXL seat.
  • Seat tilt -5°. The backrest sloping 21°.
  • Gas unit with suspension.
  • Gas unit for seat height 440 – 560 mm.
  • Cast aluminium base, polished or painted to RAL 9006 or white plastic.
  • Black soft castors Ø 60 mm, braked – depending on the load for hard floor surface (as per DIN EN 12529).
  • Glides or felt glides for hard floor surface.
  • Certificate

This product complies with European dimension and safety standards as per EN 1335. All materials may be easily separated for waste separation and recycling.

The chair meets the requirements for easy use, maintenance, and service.


The starting price for this product is  €376 excl. VAT


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