3 Top Reasons Why You need a monitor arm

When the adjustment of your Monitor is not right, you can feel it. You experience the discomfort but many find thinking of a solution difficult. A monitor doesn’t have too many settings, so how are you supposed to adjust it.

There is a simple solution that comes in a range so large you’re bound to get what you need. The solution is a monitor arm. They have been around for many years and yet they are still a pretty underutilised and underestimated piece of office equipment. Here are 3 top reasons why people choose to get a monitor arm.

1. Versatility. Perhaps you’re the restless type or have two desks at a right angle. Your position changes a lot and this means you often end up straining your eyes and your neck. A monitor arm will allow you to swiftly reposition your monitor every time you change position. If you see people in your office often and need to show them what’s on your monitor it also allows you an easy way to swivel it round to show them what you were talking about.

2. You have an adjustable height desk. Desks with adjustable height are the holy grail of ergonomics, a monitor arm can complete your ergonomic workstation. It allows you to find the optimal viewing position, whether you’re standing or sitting.

3. You need more than one screen. If you need more than one screen, then monitor arms are especially important. They add versatility to your enlarged screen areas which you likely need for programming or editing audio-visual productions and much more. The arms allow you to easily reposition your screens from horizontal to vertical and also from left to right and vertically too for optimal positioning without constantly changing around and moving all the cables of your monitor.

So if for any of the three reasons above you require a monitor arm…

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