Office Furniture Supplier in Malta

BSL LIFESTYLES was set up in 1988, primarily as a manufacturing company selling office desks and chairs. We have since grown to become one of the largest office furniture and seating suppliers in Malta. We specialise in these 2 areas, and we have been doing so for the last 33 years.

We represent many well known international brands including ACTIU, OFFICITY, SEDUS, INTERSTUHL, WILKHAHN, HUMANSCALE, NARBUTAS, MDD, MIKOMAX, RIM.CZ, TOPSTAR, FRAMMERY and GOTESSONS amongst others.

We only offer quality products that are backed by warranties and guarantees for up to 10 years.

BSL has one of the largest portfolios on the island and furnishes all areas within an office environment. From the reception areas to the Executive level and Boardroom. From the break out lounge areas to the company cafeteria and outdoor eating areas. From the Lecture room and classrooms to the large open plan areas. We specialize in modern and contemporary, and work very closely with all the leading architects and designers on the island.

In today’s world, ergonomics has become a very important issue, and the stresses of your daily routine can take a toll on your health. BSL are one of the leading suppliers in proper ergonomic seating and workstations. We specialise in selling quality supportive swivel chairs that provide you with a proper healthy seated position, and desks that are electronically adjustable in height allowing the user to work in a seated or standing position. Providing our clients with a healthier work environment is central to our sales philosophy, and we pass this onto our clients by allowing them a trial period on all our ergonomic swivel chairs and workstations.

THE HOME RANGE is another area where we are providing superior products that take up minimal space for people working from Home. Our ranges vary from standing desks to small 80cms wide secretaires, to children’s desks and swivel chairs.

These are products which are constantly being updated with the latest offerings on the market.

Another recent trend that has developed, and is very requested, within an office environment, is acoustics, and screens. BSL has positioned itself in providing a complete range of acoustic products and screens for new and existing offices. This could vary from simple acoustic wall and ceiling panels, to complete insulated offices. We also supply and install acoustic phonebooths, and complete meeting room pods for up to 12 persons. These pods are becoming very popular as they do not take up a lot of space in the office, and they provide our clients with the extra meeting room or a quiet area for their staff to work in, collaborate, or just simply concentrate on the project at hand,
As a company, we offer a complete service to our clients from measuring the required spaces to designing the layouts and proposing different cost structures. We are continuously guiding our clients throughout their decision process.

So come and visit us at our showroom in Labour Avenue, Naxxar, or contact us for a free consultation on your office space.

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