Acoustic screens and panels for the office

Keeping your employees safe and mitigating the risk of infection at the work place.

The use of acoustic screens and panels can assist you with the way Covid-19 has changed the way we work.

Business owners, Directors and Managers are now adopting a smarter approach to office layouts and make employee safety a priority.

How can you assure social distancing measures in your work place?

As an employer, you will now have to think about integrating social distancing into the work place. Companies are now considering ways  to protect and create a safe atmosphere for their staff, free from the anxiety of becoming infected. Some of the solutions discussed in this article will help you achieve this.

Desk Screens

Start off by considering the introduction of desk screens in group desk set-up. Provide your employees with their own personal space and privacy with the installation of dividers.

Plexi desk screens

One option is to introduce Plexi desk screens. They come in different colours and are easily cleaned. These Flexi panels can be easily removed or reorganised.

Acoustic fabric desk screens

Most modern offices have areas that are occupied by a number of employees. You probably have an issue with ambient noise being a distraction to your team. In these situations you should consider office desk acoustic screens. They act as barriers by helping to prevent noise from passing from one area to another. Made with additional sound absorbing material, they absorb decibels of sound to reduce / remove environmental noise. Sound absorbing screens are often modular and demountable and allow you to easily re-position them to provide a sound blocking solution that can be re-configured as your work space requirements change.

Free Standing Screens

Another solution is the placement of Free Standing Screens. Free Standing Screens allow you to be creative. The benefits include privacy, noise reduction and flexibility to shift them around. Another advantages is the redesigning of the office by shifting the screens. They are available in different heights, colours and forms.

Acoustic Panel systems

A third consideration is the use of the different acoustic solutions available. Acoustic solutions are not limited to Desk and Free Standing Screens. You should consider wall mounted panels, ceiling tiles and hanging boards amongst other options. The sound absorption and deflection properties will help reduce office noise.

Sound absorbing wall panels plus ceiling tiles

Sound waves bounce off normal walls and you will see a major difference with the introduction of acoustic wall panels. Planning for these solutions requires you to take into consideration the size of your office, the amount of employees within the area, the use of desk phones and other noise sources within your office. Properly plan the quantity of panels required to address the noise issue. Consider also the acoustic panel height required.

Acoustic Hanging panels

In areas that have sound waves bouncing back from the ceiling, you should consider fitting in sound absorbing hanging panels. The acoustic hanging panels and screens will absorb a percentage of the sound waves resulting in reduced sound reverberation.

Finally, implementing a combination of the above acoustic screen and panel solutions, you will notice a marked difference in the noise levels and efficiency within your office.

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