How ergonomic arms improve your posture without changing your desk or computer.

Ergonomic arms have been around for a very long time and are probably the most underestimated of ergonomic office equipment. An arm can turn any desk into an ergonomic office desk.

The arm attaches itself to your desk and your monitor. It allows you to control the angle and the height of your monitor and therefore gives you a large amount of flexibility when adjusting your work-station. Monitor Arms are very flexible, they can be used with sit-stand desks and also with normal desks.

They can be attached to desks of any shape and material or even the wall. A monitor arm can be a great solution for people who want to go ergonomic without changing all the desks in their office.  Another important benefit of monitor arms is getting the depth right. Some desks are laid out back to back and therefore don’t have much room to manoeuver, however with a bit of planning one can create the required monitor depth for ergonomic purposes without changing the desk.

This applies especially when the desks are not deep enough to provide proper ergonomic set-ups. 

double monitor arms for 2 screensMonitor arms for up to six screens - stackable and strong

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How your ergonomic office chair completes an ergonomic workstation. Options available in Malta.

An ergonomic workstation needs to keep in mind many aspects, the most important of which is probably your ergonomic office chair.

Everything about your workstation should be adjustable, however, your chair is in constant contact with your body and deserves to be your top priority. If you get this one wrong, you might not feel the benefits of an ergonomic workstation at all. 

So what do you need to think about when completing an ergonomic workstation with the right ergonomic office chair?

In order for your workstation to be fully ergonomic and ready for the chair the following need to be in place. Screen top frame edge is approximately at eye level. You will adjust your ergonomic chair to get this to perfect eye level later.

1. The screen needs to be an ‘arms-length’ away.

2) Fingers are relaxed and wrists straight when your hands are touching the keyboard.

3) Head should not be bent or stressed in any way. Looking forward comfortable and relaxed. Notice if your chin is parallel to the ground when sitting in your ergonomic chair. This indicates that the head is in a relaxed position.

Once these are sorted, place your ergonomic office chair and adjust as follow.

1) now align your eyes perfectly to the top of the screen.

2) Position the chair to allow your elbows to bend at 90 degrees once seated and that your chair provides arm-rest support for this position.

3) Make sure your back is approximately at 90 degrees (or the closest relaxed position)  Make sure your chair has plenty of lumbar support. Stress in this area will cause backaches very easily.

4) Make sure your neck is relaxed and straight.

5) Make sure your feet reach the floor and can be positioned flat to the ground. Touching the floor with your toes is not enough.

6) Now make sure your chin is parallel to the ground without feeling strain in your upper body.  Once your chair ticks all these boxes you’re ready to go.  It’s important that your ergonomic chair is good quality and can easily be adjusted.

You also need to learn to listen to your body. By listening to the way your body feels and adjusting on a day-to-day basis you can make sure that your ergonomic office chair is always giving you the best possible results.

This means that you’re avoiding long-term problems such as RSI or postural stress. If you want to step up your self-care an extra notch make sure you get a massage every time your muscles are tense.

So if you’ve been busy dancing or exercising at the gym and your muscles feel sore make sure you do plenty of stretching and get a massage, this will avoid the need to make changes to your workstation due to ‘temporary’ muscle strain which could throw the set-up required for long-term health. So listen to your body and make sure you always choose what’s best for your long-term health.


Operative ergonomic chair for 24/7 use. BSL Malta.

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How to Choose your call centre 24 hour ergonomic chairs.

Call centres operate 24/7. Chairs are used by various people during a 24 hour period and employees often have long shifts and short breaks meaning the chair works harder than any other office chair around. Because of the long hours, call centres need to provide ergonomic workstations.

An agent has a job that naturally exposes them to postural strain, so ergonomic workstations are a basic requirement.

When chairs are shared, it is important that the following properties are kept in mind:

1. The chair needs to be hardwearing. The ideal chair for a call centre set-up needs to be strong. It needs to be made from long-lasting materials and also allow for 150Kg weights. If the chair is not made for 120+ kg it will deteriorate quickly when a tall or overweight person needs to use this. With the high attrition rates of call centres, it is better to err on the safe side and get a chair that will last no matter what it is subjected to. 

2. Versatility and Adjustable sections. Any reputable ergonomic chair will be adjustable, however it is important that adjusting your chair keeps it stable and strong anyway. Every person needs different settings, so make sure the chair is easily adjustable and the nuts and bolts are strong enough to be adjusted often if not continuously without breaking.      

So if you’re looking to buy your call centre chairs, resist the temptation to make a saving. Go for the strong top of the range. It will be cheaper in the long run and will make your agents healthier and therefore happier. 


Call Centre 24/7 Chairs

How to choose the correct ergonomic office chair

Before you buy an ergonomic office chair you need to know who benefits most.
It is ideal to buy ergonomic chairs for the whole team, however, if you must cut costs you need to at least buy a number of ergonomic chairs that cater for people who require comfortable seating because of their ailments.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury can result from years of office work in a seated environment. Therefore your office-dwelling employees are more likely to suffer from these ailments at some stage, alongside tired eyes and neck pain. All of these are a result of bad posture. This is where ergonomic chairs are very important.

Some people are taller or heavier or have a different torso to leg proportion than average. This makes sitting on a regular chair uncomfortable if the adjustable sections are limited. They develop ailments because regular chairs cannot provide the flexibility required to adjust a chair to their body. A good policy to avoid posture-related ailments is to have some basic guidelines for ergonomically correct workstations and test people as they are employed.

You may also want to ask new recruits about past postural ailments or injuries such as slip discs etc. and make sure you provide the right chair for their needs. You may also want to keep in mind that the longer one works the more important it is to have an ergonomic chair. In fact, it may be a good idea to reward your hardest-working employees with an ergonomic chair in order to help them avoid developing work-related injuries or ailments.

When testing a workstation for ergonomic value you will want to remember the following: 

1) The chair needs to be able to recline (110° and 130°) and lock in a comfortable reclined position

2)  Correct seat depth - when seated you need to have three inches distance between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat.

3) Adjustable seat height 

4) Adjustable Armrests

5) lumbar support

6) Screen height needs to be eye-level and around 20 to 30 inches away from your eyes

7) Wheels and swivel chair. Your office chairs need to swivel and have wheels, this reduces the chances of injury when reaching for something at your desk.

8) If your screens are too high or too low you can make up for this with an electronically adjustable desk. 

So as you can see a healthy ergonomic workstation takes more than just a comfy chair. A soft seat is important but should be the least of your worries. You need to make sure that your chair and desk have as many moving adjustable parts as possible. This will help you adjust the workstation for any recruit, with any new ailment and will especially deliver the all-important message that your company cares.

Ergonomic chair available from Malta showroomErgonomic Operative Open point Chair from Naxxar Showroom - Malta

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How ergonomic office furniture will boost your employer branding.

Talent is difficult to keep.
Only the best employers attract and retain the best talent.

Your office environment can play a big part in this. How you choose your office interiors will tell your visitors, interviewees and business community, a lot about your company ethos and culture. 

Research reported on the NBC website outlines ‘Perks’ and ‘Work-Life Balance’ as one of the 6 things Millennials want from their jobs.  The generation born after 1982 but before 2004 (roughly) make-up the majority of the workplace in the igaming industry.

This is why a lot of these companies have a hip look and make their working environment fun. But injecting colour and fun pieces is the easy bit. The true perks come from the way a workplace feels, not just the way it looks.

So what can you do to make sure your office is a Millennial magnet? 

1. Take office well-being seriously
A gym membership goes a long way to sending this message as does free health insurance but taking it a step further to improve office health is what really tips the scales.

The latest standing desks are a great way to show your employees that you care about their health. This shows that you are ready to invest where it matters. Standing desks have been proven to provide a long list of health benefits.

According to the Harvard Medical School Online Journal, although a standing desk may not help with weight loss, it reduces the risk of many illnesses including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer (especially some cancers) and even premature death. 

Healthier employees are bound to be happier employees so a stand-up desk is definitely a great investment.  

2. Electronically adjustable desks.
For those that perhaps care about their health but cannot find the stamina to stand all day, those who put comfort before health, an electronically adjustable desk might just do the job.

Adjustable desks used to be difficult to maneuver but with the latest technologies, desks can now be adjusted at the press of a button. Adjustable desks help anyone find the right position to avoid back and neck pain. Some also become standing desks without having to commit to standing permanently. Both standing and adjustable desks come in a range of colours to add to the fun look of your office.

So if you want to attract and keep more millennials this year, get your office healthier with standing or adjustable desks. If you treat your employees well, they will treat your customers well in return and your company will grow stronger.

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