Single person booths - the noisy office, furniture solution

You may have seen one and thought... why do they need a quiet bubble in this office? Some offices may not be noisy all the time, but we know the Maltese are very chatty and can get noisy certain times of day. This can make an open plan office less productive that it could be. Some business owners are tackling this by providing spaces where their employees can focus, when they need to get work done and the office is noisy.

A great solution for this is the single noise-free pod. It's a small room, that can be placed anywhere in the office. It provides a quiet environment for anyone that may need it. These are so popular in the office that you will need a booking system for it. In exchange, you will boost productivity. Even during the noisy Christmas period.

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Meeting Booths - A solution for open plan offices in Malta

When you run a call centre or similar noisy office environment, finding the right office furniture for your environment is key to keep stress levels reasonable. If you do not have space to use a whole seating layout with pretty acoustic sofas, or your noise levels are too high for this, you can opt for the meeting booth.

The meeting booth comes in single person privacy size or as a mini-room to accommodate up to 4 people. You can choose the interior yourself and can make it look like a trendy place to visit for some peace and calm. Some offices even use this as a space you can book to have a quiet lunch or a 5 min meditation break.

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Acoustic office furniture in Malta

We absolutely love our acoustic office furniture because it can be used in any office environment. It also comes in interesting shapes and colours that make the office more fun. The sofa range includes linking walls which create interesting curved or angular private booths. The upholstered walls can have Screens and TV's built-in for online conferencing or audio-visual presentations.

They also come with tabling options. This type of office furniture creates sound absorbing surfaces that result in a quieter working space for everyone. The acoustically upholstered high backed soft seating reduces the need for building partition walls. They are ideal for impromptu coffee-meetings with colleagues or a quick catch-up with the boss about that important project.

It’s all made in flame-retardant textiles, leather & vinyl options are also available.

Acoustic office furniture malta

The Acoustic Sofa. Great if you have an plan set-up.

We all loved the open plan set-up for office furniture in Malta, but somehow it is lately losing its luster. Especially in tech companies, an open plan is a recipe for lack of focus and elongated project timelines. Especially if you do not have segregated meeting rooms (or maybe you do but they're always full) you can opt for something little different.

The open plan trend has sprouted another furniture trend. The acoustic sofa. Acoustic sofas are great because while they look pretty and are modular, allowing you to build shapes and varying set-ups, they also provide total acoustic protection. Your meeting will still be totally private when using these sofas and you can rest assured that your acoustic office furniture will mean more focus for every worker.

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Core office furniture requirements. The ergonomic workstation.

Once you have the right ergonomic chair the next step to complete your ergonomic workstation or ergonomic office furniture concept is the desk. You might think how can a desk be ergonomic? An ergonomic workstation requires an adjustable desk or a desk with an adjustable monitor arm. This will allow you to optimise your workstation and also change position from sitting to standing to improve your health.

How much time do you spend at your desk?

Pay attention to how much time you spend at your desk and make sure you break away for 15 minutes every hour or two. If you work in Malta, chances are you can easily pop outside and flex your legs with a short walk too. It's warm enough to do that most of the year.  


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