How to choose the best Executive Chairs you can buy in Malta

It’s a small island, we know, and buying high-end Executive Office Chairs in Malta can be tough. Especially if you're looking for the obligatory 3 quotes. Here’s a simple 3 step guide to finding the best executive office chair for your CEO or Manager.

1. Executive Office Chair Materials

Make sure you source your chair from a reliable supplier with great contacts and great brands. You want your materials to be high quality. Most executives expect a leather chair. However, if he/she is the beacon of the company he/she will require it in the company colours, so go authentic.

You may have to wait a little while for it because Malta is an island and the right colour will need to be imported. However, working with a reliable supplier will shorten your delivery dates by weeks.

Remember to ask for a sample of the materials whenever possible, so you can be sure it is the best quality and the right colour. (web pictures and catalogues can deceive you when it comes to the right cloud shade, and names are often too creative to give you a precise indication of colour)

2. Ergonomic executive Chairs in Malta

Can you find executive Ergonomic chairs in Malta? Sure you can. It’s not difficult because often ergonomic chairs are on the high end of the spectrum because they offer sturdy materials and a solid build that is guaranteed for years. Opt for a chair that has as many flexible settings as possible. It’s important that every part of the chair can be set to fit the user specifically. This may include height, back angle, headrest, armrests, etc.

3. The character of your executive

You may think this is of little importance, but CEOs and managers spend a lot of time at work and apart from comfort. It’s also important that they own the space they work in. You can include little customisable features that add character, like a duotone chair or perhaps have a name printed on it.

Understand the character of your CEO or manager and choose a chair to fit. For example, if he is the sporty type and plays tennis, you might get a custom tennis print cushion. If he is the serious type you may want to get him a very formal looking chair with top leather finishing. If he is the friendly type you could get a denim finish or just go for his favourite colour (within brand guidelines of course). Add that custom touch to make it feel like it's not just any executive chair, but that it's his/her executive chair.

Aesthetics and Ergonomic furniture for a healthier office

If you want your staff to be efficient and productive then you want them to be healthy and happy. Great work environments that are conducive to this often include ergonomic office desks and chairs.

A happier workforce with ergonomic office desks and chairs

A healthy lifestyle cannot be limited to what you eat and how much you exercise. Sure it all helps, but your work environment is also key. Most of us spend more time at work than we do anywhere else. This means that a poor work environment could quickly impact our overall health.

If you take care of your employees in terms of health by providing an ergonomic work environment that cares for their daily wellbeing, then it will result in a happy, productive workforce.

Why ergonomic furniture is a great investment

Ergonomic furniture is a great investment in terms of employee profitability and also in terms of furniture spend. Most ergonomic furniture comes in very high-quality durable materials. It is also highly flexible, made to fit anybody. This means that the furniture is a great investment because it will be comfortable for any employee over the years and it will last much longer than your average chair.

Often if you calculate the investment, an ergonomic chair will be cheaper in the long run because its life is so much longer than that of regular office chairs. You can come to this figure by dividing the cost of the chair by the number of years it is expected to last or, in the case of an ergonomic chair, the number of years covered by its guarantee. Some ergonomic brands offer lifetime guarantee so they will blow your ROI out of the water.

Keeping costs reasonable by choosing the right office pieces

Of course, budgets are always an issue. And perhaps at the start-up stage, it might be difficult to invest in too many ergonomic pieces. However, you can still have a  mostly ergonomic office by buying key pieces such as adjustable desks and 24-hour operative chairs that are seriously durable and reasonably priced. Always focus on buying better for those positions that work longer hours and have more furniture-contact-time during the week.

Here are some examples to choose from our range:

Ergonomic office desks and chairs

Motion Range Desk System


Ergonomic office chairs

Wind Swivel Chairs


Ergonomic office desks

Sit Stand Desks


Ergonomic chairs

Alaia Swivel Chairs

Office Furniture Malta

Gone are the days when office furniture in Malta was the most boring corner in the furniture store. Companies have complex HR requirements these days and they, therefore, take the work environment very seriously. In order to attract the best talent, employers today need to make their work environment not only attractive but also conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Especially in industries with high-stress levels such as the gaming industry, financial services, and advertising industries, a healthy environment and ethos can make the difference between high staff turnover and happy long-term employees.

If you’re looking to convey the message that you are an employer who cares about your employee’s work-life balance, then you need to keep these aspects of your office environment in mind:

Office furniture colours and your Branding

office furniture malta
It may seem like just a perk, but it’s actually one of the most important basic elements to consider. You need to choose furniture that echoes the colours of your Brand. Second-hand office furniture is not usually a good option to achieve this. Being intentional about your furniture choice helps you own the space as an employer making you seem stronger and more established in the eyes of your employees. Psychologically this gives your employees a feeling of security that you will be around for a long time.

If your brand colours are too strong for furniture you can choose generic colours like light brown, light grey, black or white and use highlights of your brand colours. Whichever suits your colour pantones, do not skimp on this. If you speak to an importer you can order any colour combination as most pieces can be upholstered based on your preference.

Aesthetics and Ergonomic furniture for a healthier office

We all remember the first ergonomic furniture on the market. It looked odd and there was nothing pretty about it. Today many brands specialising in ergonomic furniture employ high-end designers and produce furniture that is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and hugs your body like a glove. Ergonomic furniture is a very important part of a modern office, with a special focus on the ergonomic office chairs in Malta, because this is usually the starting point.

Today we speak more about work lifestyle than we do about work-life balance. Companies and employees understand that in order to develop strong employee-employer relationships companies need to offer perks and flexibility and employees give back by being available when times are busy and they need to give a bit extra.
office furniture suppliers malta
This is where your stand-up or electronically adjustable desks are not a perk but a requirement, as are the ergonomic swivel chairs. Your furniture needs to fit the lifestyle, it needs to be ergonomically sound in order to allow your employees to work long hours without getting aches and pains when this is required. It needs to provide the flexibility to go from seated to standing if people are spending long hours in the office without moving around much.

Giving your employees a free gym membership is a great perk and will attract people that are healthier and can take spurts of stress more gracefully. However, supporting their health outside the office is not enough. Make sure your work environment is as ergonomic as possible. This will avoid long-term aches and injuries that arise from spending long stretches of time without moving around. Some employers also target lack of movement by not allowing their employees to eat at their desks and instead creating a recreational area in the office that is not near their desks. This makes sure that employees get up and move around a couple of times per day and has been proven to improve overall sedentary stress to the body.
ergonomic office chairs malta
Implementing ergonomics in your office helps to decrease daily discomfort and the risk of work-related injuries. It has also been proven to increase productivity. Employees can suffer masco-skeletal injuries caused by repetitive movements and stress, this causes wear and tear of tendons and joints. These types of injuries account for 33% of all injuries and illnesses that make people miss work or perform at a much lower output level than they normally would. It is a silent profit killer.

It’s easy to upgrade your office environment without compromising on aesthetics. There are some amazing brands out there that offer ergonomic furniture that looks good an can be ordered in the right colours for your office.
Some of these Brands include:

  swivel chairs malta   school furniture malta ergonomic chairs malta
second hand office furniture malta alpha office furniture malta ergonomic office furniture malta

Sound Absorption Furniture for call centres and open plan offices

For many years we saw the open plan office sold as the coolest office layout around. In fact many still advocate this, however today research shows open-plan plan layouts are not suited to all kinds of workers and often result in a large reduction in productivity for at least half your workers.

According to Cal Newport’s research, face-to-face interaction is actually reduced in open plan environments. People still need privacy and spatial boundaries to interact effectively on a social level. This means that if you opt for an open plan office you should also provide private space where people can interact more openly and privately. The worrying side of Cal’s research is that he also found that people sent more emails and their effectiveness dropped as a direct result of having less face-to-face time.

By providing private spaces for face-to-face interactions you can reduce this effect on your employees. There are various options to help you counteract the negative side of an open-plan or a large office floor.

Sound Absorbing furniture

Nowadays you can buy sound absorption furniture that looks good and can be customised to fit your environment. Often this will look similar to any reception area furniture and can be purchased in sets of sofas and armchairs. These sound absorption suites come with tables or laptop accessories so that your employees can have meetings comfortably, too.

office furniture store malta

Sound Controlled Meeting Booths

These are all the rage right now in Malta. Every office with a call centre is getting one! It looks like a see-through glass telephone booth which accommodates between 1 and 4 people depending on the size you purchase. It comes with a table and provides a quiet and private space even in the noisiest of office environments.
ergonomic swivel chairs malta

Sound Control Chairs

Don’t have room for the meeting booths? Don’t worry you can go ahead and buy a sound insulated chair. These are often used by call centres to provide a quiet space for employees to sit in without leaving the floor. Noisy environments are a source of stress for call-centre employees and small breaks from a consistently noisy environment can make all the difference in staff stress levels and employee turnover. These are also beginning to make an appearance as part of the school furniture in Malta, often in libraries, where peace and quiet is required.

ergonomic office furniture suppliers malta

    Sought after offices let you Relax, Sleep and Play

    The coolest offices around are the ones that care. They provide healthy snacks for their employees, gym memberships and health benefits. However, they also provide health benefits on a daily basis during working hours. Some offices in Malta are already equipped with sleeping pods. Yes, it’s not just for employers like Google and Apple. The price of sleeping pods is within reach and in itself will become a talking point about your company.

    Nothing says “We care about our employees” as loudly as a sleeping pod.

    Many companies also allow opportunities for their employees to relax at work, providing games and relaxation areas. Bean bags, table soccer, and billiard tables are a staple for fun-oriented companies that understand that their employees’ lifestyle is not just about work-life balance, but also about a healthy work lifestyle.

    preowned office furniture malta

    There are many things you can do to position yourself as a great employer. This article touches on perhaps the most important and visible aspect of that. If you make all the changes discussed above, the only thing left to do to really make an impact as an employer is to make sure everyone inside and outside your company is talking about it.

    At BSL we understand that people spend so much time at work, that the work environment has become an important part of our lifestyle. We are probably the only office furniture suppliers in Malta that have a mission to improve people’s lifestyles, with great furniture products that improve health and happiness whilst reducing stress.

    Do you need to inject some fun and improve the health of your office?
    Contact Chris on 
    (+356) 2138-2601 or for an appointment.

    Healthy Work Lifestyles

    4 Ergonomic Swivel Chairs that are Guaranteed to Improve your work life!

    We're kicking off with the big boy of all swivel chairs. Seriously body aware and ergonomic, it is suitable for big tall and heavy people. Highly resistant to strain and as comfortable as the bucket seat in a Porsche, it is the best option for people of a certain stature. Yet in spite of its good sleek looks, it is the strongest of the lot.

    Big Star Operative Swivel Chair


    Second is the Alaia Swivel chair. A chair that looks like your home office chair. Designed to make your staff feel at home in their office. It is customizable with 2 different armrests and provides a comfortable yet budget-friendly solution.

    Affordable Swivel Chair


    Next is the Directa chair. Designed for upper management it is a sleek high-end executive ergonomic swivel chair made from the finest materials to match any executive office. The backrest can be customised, you can choose the colour of your upholstery or go for the wood option. It is designed to feel special and upmarket and fit in with any high-end executive office.


    Executive Swivel chair


    and last but not least the Everyis 1, it is designed to be comfortable with a comfort cushion and combines the strengths of a mesh back with those of conventional swivel chairs. The Multi-layered structure of the backrest supports your body contours in a way that only a mesh chair would, for extreme comfort.

    Mesh Swivel Chair

    Electronically adjustable desks, why they’re better for your health

    Do we really need electronically adjustable desks? …The human body went through thousands of years of evolution to become the magnificent machine it is today. Its true function is survival. Fast response and stamina under the most demanding conditions.

    Our body is not built for sitting. Its built for running, jumping and moving around. This is why we suffer adverse reactions both mentally and physically, when we sit for too long. Doctors have known this for some time, but working conditions have never been as static as they are today.

    “Posture is nearly connected with the subject of bodily exercise. The usual attitude of a person occupied in reading or writing, tends to obstruct the passage of the blood through the pulmonary and abdominal vessels. Those therefore who are habitually engaged in this manner ought, as much as possible, to stand to their employment. Standing, as it implies muscular exertion, may be regarded as a species of exercise. A valuable treatise might be written on what may be called the diseases of the desk”

    ~John Reid, M.D., "Bodily Exercise," Essays on Hypochondriasis, and Other Nervous Affections, c.1821

    Electronically Adjustable Desks to the rescue

    Electronically adjustable desks have been built for this reason. Sitting for too long results in Static Muscle Fatigue. When muscles are used below 20% of their capacity for prolonged periods of time, muscle fatigue sets in. This is caused by lack of blood flow to the muscles and can quickly cause muscle fatigue if you do not take regular breaks to stand and walk.

    Alternate between sitting and Standing with electronically adjustable desks

    Most people find it unrealistic to stand all day using a standing desk. This is why electronically adjustable desks have hit the market. Alternating between sitting and standing is actually be a good thing for you.

    Research has connected sitting to many health problems including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Simply standing more can improve your health right away.

    Reduce risks by using a workstation that can be adjusted

    The use of electronically adjustable desks or stand up desks and spending less time seated, has been connected to a reduced risk of obesity, and reduced rate of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic problems. A lowered risk of cancer was also recorded in the findings.

    You still need a good ergonomic desk

    Experts have recommended mixing up sitting and standing for the best results. It is important to note that standing too long can lead to back and knee problems and when sitting, a carefully considered ergonomic set-up will help improve your overall muscle and bone health.