Electronically adjustable desks, why they’re better for your health

Do we really need electronically adjustable desks? …The human body went through thousands of years of evolution to become the magnificent machine it is today. Its true function is survival. Fast response and stamina under the most demanding conditions.

Our body is not built for sitting. Its built for running, jumping and moving around. This is why we suffer adverse reactions both mentally and physically, when we sit for too long. Doctors have known this for some time, but working conditions have never been as static as they are today.

“Posture is nearly connected with the subject of bodily exercise. The usual attitude of a person occupied in reading or writing, tends to obstruct the passage of the blood through the pulmonary and abdominal vessels. Those therefore who are habitually engaged in this manner ought, as much as possible, to stand to their employment. Standing, as it implies muscular exertion, may be regarded as a species of exercise. A valuable treatise might be written on what may be called the diseases of the desk”

~John Reid, M.D., "Bodily Exercise," Essays on Hypochondriasis, and Other Nervous Affections, c.1821

Electronically Adjustable Desks to the rescue

Electronically adjustable desks have been built for this reason. Sitting for too long results in Static Muscle Fatigue. When muscles are used below 20% of their capacity for prolonged periods of time, muscle fatigue sets in. This is caused by lack of blood flow to the muscles and can quickly cause muscle fatigue if you do not take regular breaks to stand and walk.

Alternate between sitting and Standing with electronically adjustable desks

Most people find it unrealistic to stand all day using a standing desk. This is why electronically adjustable desks have hit the market. Alternating between sitting and standing is actually be a good thing for you.

Research has connected sitting to many health problems including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Simply standing more can improve your health right away.

Reduce risks by using a workstation that can be adjusted

The use of electronically adjustable desks or stand up desks and spending less time seated, has been connected to a reduced risk of obesity, and reduced rate of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic problems. A lowered risk of cancer was also recorded in the findings.

You still need a good ergonomic desk

Experts have recommended mixing up sitting and standing for the best results. It is important to note that standing too long can lead to back and knee problems and when sitting, a carefully considered ergonomic set-up will help improve your overall muscle and bone health.

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