Case Studies

Project: GiG

GiG is an iGaming technology company operating (also) from Malta, offering cutting edge services and Performance Marketing through B2B solutions.

GiGsters play hard but work even harder. The environment we helped them create lives and breathes their core values. GiG is a company that cares deeply about the social environment. Despite being innovators, they still understand the need to balance creativity with convention in order to maintain integrity.

GiG is a no-compromise best-in-category kind of company. They make sure that they attract the right talent by creating state-of-the-art offices that are built for work but feel fun and keep the employee’s wellbeing in mind. We are proud to have helped achieve just that. GiG is the hottest new employer on the island.

Click on the gallery below to take a peek at GiG’s great new offices.

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