Choosing the correct office furniture

The importance of choosing the correct office furniture should not be underestimated. Working in an office that is both attractive as well as comfortable promotes an atmosphere of wellbeing and encourages staff to do better.

When choosing the correct office furniture one must ensure that this is also important to create an office environment that welcomes clients in a professional manner. 

Choosing the correct office furniture – Reception and Lounge areas

Sedus Reception Furniture
Reception Furniture

Your reception area, no matter how big or small, is a welcome area. A space that gives visitors their first impression of your company.

Actiu Reception Furniture
Reception Furniture

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Seating at the office

Employees, spending hours of their day sitting at a desk understand how an uncomfortable chair can affect their mood and efficiency.

Spending eight hours a day, five days a week, 48 weeks of the year on the wrong chair will make anyone wish they were somewhere else.

Neck and back problems, possibly caused by poor seating, can also prove expensive.

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A good desk

Office desks should be purchased to suit the end user and configured in a way that contributes to maximum comfort and efficiency.

The majority of desks are around 74cm high. While this may suit the average user, others may be too tall or too short. When choosing a desk you should be mindful of your employee’s requirements. Make sure there is enough leg room and that when seated at the desk to use the computer, hands are comfortable. Make sure the chair can approach the desk easily so you’re not sitting awkwardly away from your keyboard.

Choosing the correct office furniture – Sit Stand Desks

Having a sit stand desk doesn’t mean that you get to stand all day but by striking the correct balance between sitting and standing there are certain health benefits. Our bodies are not engineered to be placed in a static position like a sitting position all day. Long periods of sitting have a direct effect on our wellbeing. Strain on our necks, spine, muscle degeneration, are some of the issues you may face when you sitting for too long. By using a sit stand desk in your workstation, having the ability to switch between standing and sitting postures can help reduce the physical stress which your body has to endure.

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Choosing the correct office furniture – Monitor Arms

A single or double monitor set up increases productivity as it gives you a greater command over the visual display of your work. Laptops can be raised by monitor arms to the correct eye level position too.

Besides offering better comfort for the user, when used properly, monitor arms also ensure proper posture. 

Choosing the correct office furniture – Storage

Office Storage systems need to be efficient in order to keep the office organised. 

Good office storage is essential in order to securely retain and locate valuable files and documents.

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