A comfortable ergonomic chair is the most important piece of office furniture.

Whether your office furniture is ergonomic across the whole office or not, you certainly cannot skimp on good chairs. A good chair will prevent so many ailments later that it is probably the best investment you can spend your money on in any office.

The essential features of an ergonomic chair are actually pretty few. However, they are essential and should not be overlooked.

1)Adjustable height

Your chair needs to allow you to align your line your vision at the right height in relation to your monitor, therefore this one feature is not negotiable.

2) Depth – the depth needs to also be adjustable.

Bodies can vary in height and stature, this is why adjustable depth is important. A short person’s feet may not be able to touch the floor and this will cause back strain even if the rest of the station is well put together.


3) The height and the angle of the backrest should be adjustable too.

This is very important because people’s backs have different arch depth and what may be comfortable for one may be too little support for another.

4) Adjustable armrests. 

High armrests can contribute to neck pain and low armrests aggravate repetitive strain injuries so the right height is very important.

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Ergonomic Swivel chair with headrest and adjustable arms.



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