Flexible Monitor Setup with our innovative Monitor Arms Range

See how you can use the stackable monitor arms. Stacking and flexible setup in action.Use for :- Multiple stacks from 2 to 6 Monitors
– Apple or PC compatible
– Vertical and/or Horizontal Setup

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Bech Desking Systems; make the most of your open plan layout

Bench desking systems have been around for some time and are definitely here to stay. They have become more popular due to the open plan trend, however, now that the open plan layout is losing popularity, desking systems are still popular.


Desking systems help you make the most of your space. No matter what your space looks like, even for small or odd-shaped rooms, you can fit a number of employees – usually 4 to 6, pretty comfortable. The 6-person desk bench is possibly the most popular. Most systems give you a modular set-up allowing you to add more to your benching system set-up later.


The bench systems can create systems that offer booth-like privacy or open, for a more collaborative environment. This type of office furniture is very popular because of the flexibility it offers.

Check out our large range of desk benching systems here.

Desking System for Open Plan

Flexible Monitor Set-ups with our Monitor Arms Range

Traditional Monitor Arms in Malta used to require adding a second arm when you need to add a monitor.  You had to discard the existing arm, and buy one for two monitors, and move both monitors to the new arm, requiring them. Our innovative arm solutions have an open architecture. With these innovative monitor arms, monitors can be added without replacing the existing monitors and arms saving you time and money.

The sleek eco-conscious design is created for easy operation and simple set-up. You can configure up to three monitors per row with integrated brackets that simply slide down the support post. A post extension can be added to create a second row allowing up to six monitors for a total system weight of 54Kg.

It can accommodate a variety of devices from heavy all-in-one Dell or Apple computers and touch screens to laptops and tablets. You can even stack two large monitors weighing up to 27kg each. For offices with multimedia monitors, these innovative arms simplify reconfigurations whilst giving workplace a consistent, organised look.

If you’re in the gaming or entertainment industry, you can benefit from up to 12 monitors per workstation. As your requirements grow so does your set-up with the innovative monitor arms from BSL Lifestyles. We have a solution for every set-up give us a call and we’ll recommend the best one for your offices.



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