Home Office : Creating an ideal workspace

Setting up your Home Office
Setting up your Home Office

The possibilities offered by new technology have immersed themselves into the work place. More and more people work from home either full or part time combining work from home with the time they spend at the office.

To ensure this new way of working is productive and above all comfortable, it is up to you to carefully plan out how your home office will be.

1. Home Office : Choosing the right space

It is preferable for the chosen place to be as far away as is allowed from television areas or areas with high ‘traffic’ to avoid distractions and interruptions. The room should have enough natural light as well as good artificial lighting. If the space chosen as the home office does not have a door separating it from the rest of the house, opting for a sound absorbing panel is convenient for focusing and concentrating when moments of spontaneous hustle and bustle occur in the family home. These panels can easily be stored away.

2. Choosing the right chair and desk for your home office

Ergonomic chair and desk - Home office
Selecting the right workstation chair and desk

The choice of the workstation chair must always be determined by ergonomic reasons. A design which adapts the configuration of the chair to the postural and psychological needs of the human body. When choosing such a home office workstation chair, one would have to decide on the features that are considered must to have. Most workstation chairs offer height adjustment and back adjustment. Other features that make up the ergonomic chair are :

  • Adjustable Lumbar support
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Armrests that shift forward and backward
  • Head rest
  • Would you need wheels for carpet flooring or normal flooring
  • Adjustable seat depth

One would also want to consider the fabric for the desk chair and whether there is a preference for a solid or a mesh back.

3. Choosing the right desk for your home office

Ergonomic desk - home office
Height adjustable desk

A good ergonomic desk must promote a good sitting posture when typing.

The desk could be a sit, stand desk generating a greater capacity for movement which results in physical and emotional well being. Some considerations when purchasing a desk are :

  • Do you need a height adjustable desk
  • Width of desk
  • Depth of desk
  • Do you require cable management
Pedestals - Home office

Storage mobile under desk drawer units (also known as pedestals) are a great addition for storing all elements from daily work documents to office supplies.

4. Create a small space for relaxation

Another comfortable option is to create a small space for relaxation and reading where you can switch places and tasks for a while.

relaxing space - home office
relaxing space

5. Accessories to enhance comfort – Monitor arms

Monitor Arms - Home Office
Monitor Arms

Monitor arms help reduce the discomfort caused by neck and eye strain. Being adjustable in height and depth, monitor arms allow your screen to be positioned such that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level.

Home office Ideas for small spaces in the home

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