How to choose the best Executive Chairs you can buy in Malta

It’s a small island, we know, and buying high-end Executive Office Chairs in Malta can be tough. Especially if you’re looking for the obligatory 3 quotes. Here’s a simple 3 step guide to finding the best executive office chair for your CEO or Manager.


Make sure you source your chair from a reliable supplier with great contacts and great brands. You want your materials to be high quality. Most executives expect a leather chair. However, if he/she is the beacon of the company he/she will require it in the company colours, so go authentic.

You may have to wait a little while for it because Malta is an island and the right colour will need to be imported. However, working with a reliable supplier will shorten your delivery dates by weeks.

Remember to ask for a sample of the materials whenever possible, so you can be sure it is the best quality and the right colour. (web pictures and catalogues can deceive you when it comes to the right cloud shade, and names are often too creative to give you a precise indication of colour)


Can you find executive Ergonomic chairs in Malta? Sure you can. It’s not difficult because often ergonomic chairs are on the high end of the spectrum because they offer sturdy materials and a solid build that is guaranteed for years. Opt for a chair that has as many flexible settings as possible. It’s important that every part of the chair can be set to fit the user specifically. This may include height, back angle, headrest, armrests, etc.


You may think this is of little importance, but CEOs and managers spend a lot of time at work and apart from comfort. It’s also important that they own the space they work in. You can include little customisable features that add character, like a duotone chair or perhaps have a name printed on it.

Understand the character of your CEO or manager and choose a chair to fit. For example, if he is the sporty type and plays tennis, you might get a custom tennis print cushion. If he is the serious type you may want to get him a very formal looking chair with top leather finishing. If he is the friendly type you could get a denim finish or just go for his favourite colour (within brand guidelines of course). Add that custom touch to make it feel like it’s not just any executive chair, but that it’s his/her executive chair.


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