How to focus when working from home

In order to work from home successfully, it’s important to set the right pace and environment for productivity. If you’re struggling to focus, worry not. Working from home is not business as usual but you can do it successfully if you set the scene right.

Here are 3 steps to creating the right environment to work from home:

1. Start with some home office ground rules

Be clear about what constitutes ‘workspace’ and what doesn’t. This will serve you and also your family. Create a space that is ONLY for work. This is a way of telling your family that you’re in Do-Not-disturb mode, and also a way of telling your brain to get into work-mode. If you find it hard add headphones. People will tend to assume you’re not listening and if you listen to the same tune every time you sit down to work you will find that you’re conditioning your brain to quickly switch into work-mode when this song goes on.

2. Make sure that your designated workspace at home is designed for focus.

A small table that makes you feel crouched and cannot hold your laptop and A4 writing pad at the same time is not a good place to focus. Make sure you have a table that is big enough. If you cannot have your own office at home, at least pick a spot that looks away from the family space. Make sure that your table, desk and chair are well aligned. If they’re not comfortable or give you aches and pains, you will be tempted to move to the sofa – your kids and spouse will spot you and it’s game over.

3. Decluttering your home desk space is key to focus, you want it to feel right.

Do not declutter by moving things away or even worse shoving books and papers in the nearest drawer. Get organised. If you’re working on a table make sure that you get yourself a desk with an office drawer set. Keep your drawers organised just like you would at work. No extra junk. No toys. No hobbies. No home stuff! Decorate your working area as you would your office. Keep it looking different from home. You want to feed your brain visual signals that it’s time to get into work mode.

Finally discuss with your family, what is acceptable and non-acceptable during your working hours. For example: asking you a question or starting a conversation when you’re typing and have your headphones on, should be a no-go! When you’re having a cup of tea and have your headphones out, it would be ok to chat for 5 minutes.

Finally, invest where it matters. A fast internet connection,  a quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones, a good ergonomic chair and a table or desk with the right height.

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