Leave an Impression with your Reception Area

Your reception area is the first thing people experience about your offices. Whether they’re visiting for an interview, to work with you on a project or to sell you something, you need to leave a good impression. The impression you leave will have a lasting effect on people and will also gauge the way they engage with you later.If you’re a serious international company but your reception area says ‘friendly’ then you will find people are more relaxed and informal with you. If your reception area, however, does not deliver this message. If you’ve decorated your reception area with large intimidating international flags, a black leather sofa and cold glass tables with a grey carpet. Well, nothing about you is saying you’re friendly.


If you use colours and warm materials like textiles and wood, then you will give off a friendly vibe and people will perceive you differently. This is why the ranges we choose to stock come in a variety of colours, textures and styles, so you can the right perception in your reception area.

We love Google’s reception areas, they have built a cult around their office decor.

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