Office Furniture; what prices to expect in Malta

When buying office furniture in Malta prices are certainly worth discussing. Since Malta is an island, importers will have limited stock and every new order will carry extra freight costs.You may have noticed that most furniture will cost you less if purchased from abroad but whether you pay for freight or your supplier does, the end result is usually the same or closely similar. This is why it’s important to choose an importer when dealing with office furniture. This will give you 3 advantages:

1. You may be able to reduce the cost of your furniture simply by extending waiting time.

A lot of suppliers can provide faster turnaround but waiting until their container is full with orders means that the freight can be divided between all the orders, meaning you can negotiate a better price if you’re willing to wait.

2. Working with larger suppliers

This will enable you to negotiate a better ‘bulk price’ on both the cheaper and the more expensive purchases. So try to work with one supplier for all your needs. There a few locally, BSL Lifestyles is one of them.


3. Wider choice of furniture

Working with an importer give you a wider choice because you can order anything their suppliers provide. So ask for the catalogues don’t just buy what you see. It can make your office unique and won’t cost you more, especially if you stick with one supplier.

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