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Nova desk system is a flexible and dynamic range of modular desks.
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TWIST is the aluminium, height-adjustable work station.

It fuses the integration of connectivity and technology into the very furniture.‎ This range is positioning itself in the market at a very competitive level, which manages to overturn the way in which we interpret workspaces, the objective of which is to ensure the people inhabiting them are happier.‎

Twist can provide multiple configuration options that, just like the characteristics of the dance from where its name comes, grants the office with agility, rhythm, freshness and flexibility.‎ In this way, and form the basis of a solid aluminium structure, comprised of a central framework, which joins the legs through an assembled system that uses a single screw per leg, opens up the range’s possibilities that it is capable of withstanding up to three workstations in one single three-legged structure.‎

One of the advantages of Twist is the trapezoid-shaped desks, available in standard or tall heights (so as to be able to work while standing or on a stool).‎ This is ideal for presentations, video conferences and online meetings as they allow the screen to be completely visible from all angles and for all people using it.‎
Within the varied range of possible configurations, there is an option for tilting desks, meaning desks whose position and direction can be moved within a 360-degree radius.‎ This is a very practical variable for hot-desking, informal meetings or for enabling cooperation among professionals.‎