Office Reception Area Chairs

Office reception areas can be a great opportunity to showcase your fun brand. Adding the right colours and dynamic can make you create the right expectations that will help you land the right employees and clients. We love planning reception areas with our clients and over the last 10 years, we have identified 3 things to keep in mind when planning your reception area:1. Your company culture.
If your company culture is fun. Then you need to make sure your reception area says ” these guys are great fun!” You can do this by using a variety of bright colours that complement your brand colour.  Use bean bags and different types of chairs to create a dynamic environment

2. Your company size.
If you want to be fun, but you want your company to be taken seriously then it’s important that you look like a pro and also like you’re willing to make an investment in the right place. This calls for the odd designer chair. A classic chair that everyone recognises as a modern retro is often the best solution.

3. Your Company colours.

Make sure that the colours you choose to complement the Brand colours. Do not use colours that shout louder than your brand colours because your brand will get lost in a sea of colours. Keep your brand colour dominant. Use a big sign with your brand logo and tagline and make sure you build in plenty of white space around it to allow it to be easily visible as the most important focus of your reception area.

Put pen to paper and make a plan. Then give us a call so we can help you source the best quality products on the market.

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