Reception Desks: Plan the perfect first impression

First impressions are difficult to change
So you need to get your reception area right…
Reception desks, lounge area, lighting…

The way people feel when they enter your office
The way they perceive your company will decide whether they hire you, whether they will join your team after the interview, whether they will refer you to others.

Your company’s first impression is in the hands of your reception area
And you cannot afford to get it wrong

It’s always ideal to work with a professional that can guide you, however here are 3 steps that will help you pick the right reception area for your company…

1. Reception Desks: Space and height

The first thing to do is to pick your reception desk. Make sure it’s the right shape and size to attract the eye but leave enough room to make the reception area feel bigger. A common mistake is to fit a large, high reception in a small space. This makes the room feel even smaller. If your space is small go for a short, and curved look. Something that makes the space look interesting and detracts from the small size of the desk.

2. The Materials of Your Reception Desk

You’ll need to pick materials that reflect your company’s look and vision. For example, if you’re a company that values people and flexibility a more ‘organic’ wood look is a good match. If however, you are a corporate company that needs to inspire trust and convey strength, a minimal metal and glass look might fit your look more

3. The Colours of the welcome desk

It’s important to think of the right colours too. You should make sure that the colours you choose are the exact ones your brand uses. Not just any shade of your company colours will work. You need to make sure that you pick the colour that matches your logo and look really closely. A badly matched colour will make the brand feel a little off. People with an eye for detail will notice this right away. So if your clients are smart professionals, you cannot skimp on the best colour match for your brand

4. Reception Seating Areas

If you have space, your seating areas need to complement the overall look of your reception. It can help multiply the positive effect of your first impressions. A comfortable wait will also impact how people experience your company. Without a welcoming waiting area, your visitors will have an uncomfortable wait – if you don’t have space or a welcoming space you should always opt to take people into a meeting room right away and not leave them waiting.

If this is not an option you can contact Chris on (or call 2138 2601) to get help. He will help you pick the right furniture to upgrade or design/re-design your reception for that added wow-factor




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