Framery One pod – smart and soundproof office pod

Framery One pod

Framery One is a smart, spacious, one-person workstation designed for video calls and focus work. Contemporary design and advanced technology characterize every detail of this comfortable and versatile workspace. This soundproof office pod features world-class sound insulation, industry-leading ventilation, and echo-free acoustics so you can focus on your work and connect online with people anywhere. Soundproof like Framery. Futureproof like no other. Framery One.

Workdays that flow with ease – Framery One has been purposefully designed to make your workdays flow easier. Automatically reserve a vacant pod by stepping inside, or book it in advance or on-the-fly from the Framery app. Extend your reservation directly from the pod’s touchscreen, or adjust your booking through the app.

Privacy you can trust – A-Class soundproofing assures that Framery pods can be placed next to workstations without causing noise distractions to the person in the pod or to the people outside. And echo-free interior acoustics make Framery One a private, comfortable place for work and video calls.

Airflow that keeps you fresh – Stay fresh and focused with effcient airflow. Enhanced ventilation fully refreshes the air every minute. The ventilation can be easily adjusted to the user’s preferences through the pod’s touchscreen display with a single touch.

Lighting that makes you feel good – Automated dual-lighting sources adapt to your needs, with preset lighting options to choose between work or video modes. Video-optimized lighting helps you shine on video calls. Adjustments can be made quickly and easily through the touchscreen display.

Framery One / Design details

Contemporary design and advanced technology characterize every detail of this comfortable and stylish soundproof work pod with premium design. Select from a harmonious color palette and enjoy a workspace where elegant form meets limitless capacity. Framery One is built sustainably and engineered to last.

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