Framery Six Pod – convenient and modular

Framery Six Pod

The Framery Six Pod is a smart meeting room for up to 6 people. This multifunctional soundproof meeting space is tailored for collaborative teamwork and enhanced for face-to-face and hybrid brainstorming sessions. With fine-tuned acoustics and top-notch soundproofing, it ensures privacy during discussions and virtual meetings. Framery Six’s adaptive ventilation and automated lighting ensure your team can focus on what really matters and have a successful workday.

Workdays that flow with ease – Framery Six has been purposefully designed to make your workdays flow better. Find and book the pod in advance or on-the-fly from the Framery app. Or step inside and the pod automatically creates a reservation for you. Extend your reservation directly from the pod’s touchscreen, or adjust your booking through the app.

Privacy you can trust – The fine-tuned acoustic structure provides A-Class soundproofing that allows the pod to be placed next to workstations without causing noise distractions to the user or to those outside of the pod. And echo-free interior acoustics make the pod a private, comfortable place for work and video calls.

Airflow that keeps you fresh – The pod recognizes when it’s occupied, senses the temperature and humidity of the surroundings, and triggers adjustments to the airflow accordingly. Enhanced ventilation fully refreshes the air every minute, and ventilation can be easily adjusted through the pod’s touchscreen display.

Lighting that makes you feel good – Multiple automated light sources adapt to your needs, with preset lighting options to choose between work or video modes. Video-optimized lighting helps you shine on video calls. Adjustments can be made quickly and easily through the touchscreen display.

Framery Six / Design details

Framery Six combines the best features of a larger meeting room in a convenient, modular package. The luxurious and spacious interior comes equipped with a proper-sized meeting table that can be complemented with your own choice of seats. The pod’s low threshold enables easy access, and the minimalistic design approach uses carefully curated materials, making it a sustainable choice.

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