TWIST Range – multiple configuration options

TWIST range fuses the integration of connectivity and technology into the very furniture.‎ This range is positioning itself in the market at a very competitive level, which manages to overturn the way in which we interpret workspaces, the objective of which is to ensure the people inhabiting them are happier.‎

Twist can provide multiple configuration options that, just like the characteristics of the dance from where its name comes, grants the office with agility, rhythm, freshness and flexibility.‎ In this way, and form the basis of a solid aluminium structure, comprised of a central framework, which joins the legs through an assembled system that uses a single screw per leg, opens up the range’s possibilities that it is capable of withstanding up to three workstations in one single three-legged structure.‎

One of the advantages of Twist is the trapezoid-shaped desks, available in standard or tall heights (so as to be able to work while standing or on a stool).‎ This is ideal for presentations, video conferences and online meetings as they allow the screen to be completely visible from all angles and for all people using it.‎
Within the varied range of possible configurations, there is an option for tilting desks, meaning desks whose position and direction can be moved within a 360-degree radius.‎ This is a very practical variable for hot-desking, informal meetings or for enabling cooperation among professionals.‎

TWIST Range DESIGN – contemporary aesthetic

The Twist range light appearance does not affect its surprisingly robust structure. Twist has been designed with a unique connecting system which means efficient installation, something that is always required in large projects.

TWIST SPINE- organic structure

Twist Spine has evolved from the traditional office with its organic structure and unique aesthetic. It allows you to reach a file next to you and to rotate its individual desk. It also includes a cable organiser.

TWIST GEN – new work paradigm

GEN is the new concept for offices looking towards the future. Space optimisation, collaboration and the proximity of the user are the purposes of this product. Desks can also be connected getting visually more fluid offices.

TWIST Range VIDEO CONFERENCE – technology and collaboration

Due to the impact of technology on the new ways of working nowadays, Twist video conference offers a digital meeting point where meetings or training sessions can take place.


All our MFC boards incorporate a 0% formaldehyde certification as standard, with the aim of promoting sustainability and well-being.


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