Topstar, Wagner and Contract range Warranty

We, Topstar GmbH, represented by the managing directors Michael Wagner and Prof. Dr. Rainer Maria Wagner, grant a guarantee under the following conditions:

For which products does the guarantee apply?
We guarantee the products we manufacture from the “TOPSTAR, WAGNER und CONTRACT” range.

How long is the guarantee valid?
For products in the “TOPSTAR” category we offer a 36-month guarantee, and for products in the “WAGNER / CONTRACT” category a 60-month guarantee, calculated from the date of purchase.

What does the warranty cover?
The warranty covers all material and manufacturing defects, provided that we confirm the defect through testing. In this case, we deliver the defective parts. The freight costs shall only be borne by you if you are notified of the parts found to be defective and defective by us more than six (6) months after the purchase.

What is not covered by the warranty?
Unless we confirm a defect in our inspection, we will not grant any warranty claim. 

In this sense, we will not positively confirm an inspection – i.e. we will not grant a warranty claim – if the defect you claim is based on
• the peculiarity of natural products: in particular, the nuances in the structure or color of the components used to manufacture them, such as wood and leather;

• the unusual wear and tear of wearing parts (e.g. in the case of rolls and cover fabrics) – here an average 8-hour use per day is taken as a basis – use of the product beyond this (e.g. in shift operation), the warranty will be reduced accordingly;

• careless treatment (e.g. impact, tear and cut damage);

• non-compliance with the operating instructions, safety and maintenance regulations; 

• operating errors;

• extreme climatic conditions (e.g. extreme heat and/or humidity); or

• Damage caused by natural hazards (e.g. lightning, water, fire, frost

Where does the warranty apply?
We provide a guarantee according to our guarantee conditions if you have purchased and used our product exclusively in the European Union (including Switzerland and Liechtenstein).

Can the warranty be extended?
No, the warranty cannot be extended.
And: The guarantee will not be interrupted or extended if we provide a guarantee or if you make a claim under the guarantee. 

How is the warranty enforced?
Please provide us with proof of purchase or a warranty card.

Does this limit the statutory warranty?
No, the statutory warranty is not limited by this warranty. If we have individually agreed to a warranty or guarantee with you – expressly and in writing – in individual cases, this is not limited by the guarantee given here.  

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