FAMOS 179RS – impresses in many aspects


The successful model FAMOS 179RS impresses in many aspects: It perfectly supports the lower back and therefore also ensures that the neck and shoulder area are relaxed. Thanks to the ergonomic headrest, the cervical spine is perfectly relieved of strain when reclining, which protects the intervertebral discs. Even when briefly reclining during a phone call, the entire back is relieved of strain – this prevents tension.


  • Backrest: Upholstery
  • Colour of backrest: Lucia black (5800 / YP009)
  • Colour of cover, frame: Polyamide, black
  • Lumbar support: Adjustable lumbar support
  • Colour of headrest: Lucia black (YP009)
  • Colour of lumbar support: Polyamide, black
  • Armrests: 4D T-armr.adj. in width,height & depth,rotat.,soft
  • Colour of armrests: Polyamide, black
  • Seat: Upholstery
  • Colour of seat: Lucia black (5800 / YP009)
  • Seat depth: Seat depth adjustment
  • Mechanism: Autolift mechanism
  • Colour of mechanism: black
  • Seat inclination: with adjustable seat tilt
  • Base: Polyamide star base
  • Colour of base: black
  • Castors: Soft double castors
  • Colour of castors: black

The New FAMOS 179RS retails at €399 + VAT


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