Flexi Task Chair

A modern office chair which meets high demands on functionality and design. The chair is equipped with self-adjusting mechanism SELF to provide so-called dynamic sitting. Choice of meshed or fully-upholstered backrest consists of a light-weight plastic frame with a central bracket with the advantage of height-adjustment within the range of up to 7 cm. In the FLEXi collection, it is possible to choose from various types of upholstery, mechanisms and accessories for comfortable sitting.

The FLEXi collection stands out for its functionality, perfect ergonomics and great design. Its wide range of features allows maximum customization for each user. Thanks to its innovative mechanism and intuitive operation, each feature’s setting simplifies work and provides maximum seating comfort. The collection includes both white and black plastics and both versions can be purchased with upholstered or mesh backrest. In addition, the conference chairs offer a wide range of bases that adapt to any work environment. The FLEXi was designed by Italian designer Massimo Costaglia and for its exceptionally successful design, it won the “Furniture of the Year” award in 2014.


Self-adjusting mechanism SELF. Suitable for working environments with more users for one chair. The counter-pressure is set according to the weight of seated person within the range of 45 – 110 kg, with the option of 3 lock-in positions. The counter-pressure may be raised by a simple lever turning according to individual needs. It is also possible to increase counter-pressure for people with higher body weight by changing the spring setting in production facility or by service officer.


Seat is filled with PUR foam thickness of 5 cm, bulk weight of 70 kg/m³, coated with fabric or leather. The front edge of the seat is sufficiently rounded to prevent undesired pressure on the bottom of the thighs of the seated person, ergonomic shape for correct and comfortable sitting posture. The seat depth is adjustable within the range of 60 mm. Plastic components are made of polyamide.

Height-adjustable seat within the range of 400 – 520 mm.


Backrest is made as a plastic frame with a central bracket in which, there is a plastic panel upholstered with PUR foam thickness of 2 cm, bulk weight of 55 kg/m³ and coated with fabric or leather. Backrest is height-adjustable (Easy-touch system) within the range of 60mm.

Plastic components are made of polyamide.


  • Cast aluminium base, polished or painted to RAL 9006
  • Adjustable lumbar support in the lower back area (3 cm)
  • Headrest
  • Coat hanger
  • Gas unit with suspension
  • Gas unit for seat height 450 – 570 mm
  • Black soft castors Ø 60 mm, braked – depending on the load for hard floor surface (as per DIN EN 12529)


This product complies with European dimension and safety standards as per EN 1335. All materials may be easily separated for waste separation and recycling.

The chair meets the requirements for easy use, maintenance, and service.


The starting price for this product is  €415 excl. VAT

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