COMBUS Shelving

COMBUS shelving is more than just a shelf

The modern office has to meet many different requirements including the technical fit-out, sustainability and design, as well as to meet the needs of the employees. To overcome this considerable challenge, architects and designers choose modern furniture that best meets these characteristics, and creates the kind of office environment that makes employees feel comfortable, productive and inspired to collaborate.

COMBUS shelving is a modular system that not only serves the function of a traditional shelf, but is also a good solution for shaping and dividing spaces. It consists of different types of shelving, which are designed to be placed in an open space, against a wall or on top of cabinets. The COMBUS collection has all the key features required to become an essential part of the modern office, where different types of spaces are intertwined – it is functional, has an easily adaptable design and is environmentally friendly.

Different options for different needs

The COMBUS shelving system consists of freestanding shelving units, planter shelf units, shelving units for mounting on cabinets.

Shelving unit – perfect for use in the middle of an office space or against a wall. This is a particularly convenient solution for zoning and fulfilling large spaces. The shelves can be of different lengths and heights, ranging from 3H to 6H.

Planter shelf units – a suitable solution for smaller spaces; for example, partitioning and realisation of work areas.

Shelving units for mounting on cabinets – this option combines the possibilities of both open and closed shelving, also lockable cabinets for storing items.

A wide range of functionalities

COMBUS is an excellent tool for the dividing and realisation of functional office areas for versatile usage options. This shelving system can be used in the middle of a space, against a wall or shaped as a corner. With this collection, you can divide the spaces in your open-plan office, to give them the level of privacy they need. For example, higher and more closed shelving can create a more private working or lounge area, while shorter shelves can define spaces where employees do not feel separated from each other.

Convenient integration of storage and plants

You can use the COMBUS shelving system for the convenient storage of many items. Choose from closed or open shelving, with boxes and drawers. Use a book-end as an additional accessory for orderly storage of books. With the planter boxes, you can easily add plants to create a biophilic office environment. Including plants in the office not only adds a nice touch – green spaces lift our mood and reduce stress levels, which is particularly important in a working environment.

Conference wall for high-quality meetings

The COMBUS system includes the possibility of attaching a screen, making it a great solution for quick discussions and, together with the seating furniture and tables, for longer, in-depth meetings. The cable routing for the screen is well thought out, with a metal duct leading from the screen to a cut-out at the bottom of the frame, then through the cut-out and under the plinth to an electrical socket. This ensures an aesthetically pleasing, tidy and safe environment.

COMBUS shelving has an easily adjustable design

The COMBUS shelving system is versatile and has an easily adaptable design that fits perfectly into a wide range of office interiors, whether they are minimalist, solid or playful. This collection features subtle design elements that will help you create the character you want and complement your shelving combination. They include a PET felt storage basket, metal planter box and a metal book-end. Different furniture options and additional accessories will help create the environment you want in your office.

Play of different finishes

The COMBUS shelving system allows you to combine different finishes, such as metal, melamine and PET felt, to create unique combinations.

Environmentally friendly

The product has been developed according to eco-design principles. Engineering solutions that use only the minimal material necessary have been applied. This means that we don’t waste resources unnecessarily. The use of metal, melamine and PET felt made from partially recycled materials is also environmentally friendly. A key advantage of these modular shelves is that they can be easily upgraded by replacing one component or another. If the shelving system is no longer being used, the product can be disassembled, sorted and recycled. The recyclability of COMBUS is 99%.

COMBUS Shelving consists of three main materials

The metal is made from ≤100% recycled materials. Powder coating with low VOC emissions.

The melamine is made from ~25% recycled materials. Melamine is low in formaldehyde emissions and meet the strictest CARB 2 and E05 standards.

PET felt resembles wool, but is actually made from at least 50% recycled plastic.


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