SWEETSPOT lounge chair – concentration and inspiration

The SWEETSPOT lounge chair not only provides your office with especially attractive and comfortable lounge furniture, but also helps to create a relaxed atmosphere. Regardless of whether it is used for a place to meet and engage in a creative exchange, a retreat for concentrated work or to welcome visitors in style – sweetspot combines business with pleasure. And it does so in an excellent manner, as the international design awards underscore.

SWEETSPOT lounge chair – The essence of concentration and inspiration

Escape the routine office atmosphere and retreat to a spot that inspires you, where you can develop new ideas and concentrate on your work. sweetspot offers the ideal conditions, with its inviting look and excellent ergonomics providing great comfort in a lounge seating style. At the same time, the relaxed, slightly upright sitting posture aids creative processes and concentrated working – even for extended periods.

Being more relaxed while working

In addition to its universal possible uses, the SWEETSPOT lounge chair provides a sitting experience that goes far beyond the comfort standards of classical conference furniture. Due to the integrated gas springs and the seat foam, sweetspot is especially soft and comfortable to sit on, almost conveying a feeling of weightlessness. The slim lines of the base reinforce this effect.

Intelligent ergonomics – The angle of the seat and the backrest is pitched so that the user is not only relaxed while sitting, but can also concentrate on work.

As comfy as a sofa – With its welcoming open shape, the one-piece open shell is fully upholstered.

Pleasant seat height – At 430mm, the SWEETSPOT lounge chair seat is higher than conventional lounge furniture, which is what makes it so comfortable for working.

A relaxed approach to work – Outscrolled armrest wings facilitate changes of sitting position and make it easier to work for extended periods.

Genuine comfort – 11cm deep, the seat foam is extremely comfortable, even when sitting for extended periods.

Softly cushioned – The gas lift mechanism compresses approx. 20mm and ensures immense comfort from the second the user sits down.


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